Friday, December 20, 2013

Which one is the best baby for you?

-->The Tatu Family has a baby for everyone with different prices and features depending on your playing style and budget.

The new 3.0 mesh model

The new 3.0 version at 3000L brings all the new features of SL with Mesh and Pathfinding methods for the most realistic baby to date.

Compatible with all clothes and skins, its also uses some new exclusive skins were is possible to combine different skin tones and hair colors and designs as all information is stored on different layers.
Still it can be a little bit expensive and the land impact of 58, while sleeping or on poseballs, can result in not the ideal solution for everyone.

Classic 2.5 sculpt version

The clasic 2.5 version, now at the lower price of 2000L offers the same gameplay with 10 growth stages that takes your baby from newborn to toddler, but with a different shape using just sculpts and only 31 prims. This is an ideal solution of people with few prims available or who use older viewers.

Lite version, newborn baby on a budget

Lite babies are an excellent entry level baby for new parents. With a low price of 599L it brings the same newborn experience at a fraction of the price. These babies won´t be able to grow, but all progress is stored until you decide to upgrade.

Lite babies are a cheap way to enter the Tatu World or quality prim babies in general. Even if you choose to choose to upgrade later, the price of the update is the difference between the LITE and the FULL version. This means you will be paring the same as buying a 2.0 version but only if you decide to.



Sculpts shape

Mesh Hair
Potty Trainer

Grows to toddler

Crawls / Walks

Pathfinder Walk

3.0 skins

3.0 hairs

Mesh shape

Advance Lighting Model
Land Impact
58 / 15

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Limited time upgrade program

For all our loyal mothers and fathers who follow us all this time, an upgrade program is now active.

Pay just 1000L and upgrade your 2.x baby to the new 3.0 mesh version. That´s just the difference on price between both versions and a discount of 75% from the full price of the new baby.

This is a limited time promotion for the new baby and will only be possible until the 31 of January 2014. So if you are the owner of a Baby, don´t let this promotion pass.

This promotion is available at all recovery stations, just follow the steps, pay the recovery station the 1000L and recover your baby to a 3.0 version from today.

Don´t let it pass

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A new baby it's with us, and its a mesh one!

The new Baby Tatu uses a combination of Mesh and sculpts to maintain a low prim number, keep backwards compatibility of clothes and skins and at the same time deliver an amazing level of detail over the same level of gameplay that Baby Tatu is known for.

With a prim count of 33, because of meshs it has a land impact of 58 but because it uses new pathfinder features, while crawling the land impact if of just 15 prims. Still have in mind that while the baby is on poseballs or not able to crawl, the land impact can be big.

Still if you are running low on prims, the 2.5 version might be a better fit for you with 31 prims and a lower price.

Pathfinder features give them a new and lifelike ability to navigate their surroundings and express their personality. Now the baby doesn´t just follow, but now explores, play and hide himself.

Play hide and seek with your baby around the house or watch him recognize his favorite toys.

The new features

  • Mesh baby version with amazing level of detail
  • Backward compatibility with clothes and old skins
  • New skins and hair to enable more combinations of styles and greater level of detail
  • Hair, eyelashes, eyebrows are keep as separate textures to enable more combinations of styles
  • Pathfinder feature for a more intelligent recognition of the terrain

Get it today from the marketplace and all resellers

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Scheduled maintenance

Baby´s servers are going down for a scheduled maintenance this 16. During this maintenance babies wont be able to register, recover or save changes, all the progress made on the babies will also be lost once the servers are back online.

Sorry for the inconvenience but it´s out of my control as it is related to the hosting that I use. Its too bad that will probably coincidence with the release of the new baby.

  Scheduled Date: Monday, December 16, 2013 Maintenance Window: Begins December 16 @ 20:00 (8 PM EST) and ends December 17 @ 00:01 (12:01 AM EST)

Monday, November 4, 2013

A lil'secret

Shhhh... I wanted to tell you a secret, we are expecting a new baby on the family, so make shure you have all ready for a baby shower, because the due day is near.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Babies Price Drop

From today you can find the 2.5 version of the baby at a discount of 900L making the final price of 3000L. Thats an amazing  23% discount!

You can find this new price at the marketplace and as well at the in world clinics.

This affect also the bundle pack and the price for upgrading from Lite versions to reflect this change making their price 3500 and 2100.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2.54 Update available

A new update is ready and available to all.
This update doesn´t add new features but tries to fix all the "script not found errors on the baby" that have become so frequent after some changes on how SL handle inventories.

It also makes some small changes for high level babies making it easier to reach another stage.

Because it´s a big update that affects almost all scripts in the babies an Update Disc wont be available so babies will get this update once recovered.

The error itself doesn´t affect the baby in any way if you decide to not update but it can get highly annoying.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

LITE Babies

LITE Babies bring the Tatu experience at a budget price. For all the mothers and fathers what want to expand the family or just never knew quality prim babies because thought they were too expensive, the LITE version of the baby Tatu is for you.

It’s a cheap way to enter the Tatu World and upgrade when needed. Even if you choose to choose to upgrade later, the price of the update is the difference between the LITE and the FULL version.

LITE babies will be available at the marketplace and retail clinics, all over the grid for 900L.

What’s the difference with the full version?

The LITE version brings the same full experience of Baby Tatu for a fraction of the price but with some limitations.

Those limitations and differences are:

  • LITE versions can’t grow from stage 0, even with the purple medic kit. So he will stay always as a newborn but never grown to a toddler, learn to crawl or walk. 
  • LITE versions aren’t transferable to other avatars. 
  • LITE versions will always have “Lite” as a last name to differentiate them. 
  • LITE versions can’t be recovered. 
  • LITE versions can’t use objects limited by the stage of the baby, as the potty trainer, which are for other levels 
  • LITE versions still saves their personality in the cloud, so if you choose to upgrade to a full version you can continue from where you left with the same personality on your baby. 
Once you reach the necessary amount of points to reach level 1, a message will be displayed to let you know you can upgrade your baby to continue from the next level.

LITE Babies are still compatible with all clothes, skins and prim hairs.


Even if you lost your LITE baby, you can choose to upgrade to a full version of Baby Tatu at any point. If you have reached the necessary points for another level, your progress won’t be lost and you will be able to download the baby at that next stage.

For upgrading a baby just go to any Recovery Station on any retail Tatu Clinic and choose to recover your baby.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sale Week!

As an all week special offer, you can get a new baby with a 20% discount, or take the best for your money and get the Bundle Pack for less than the full price baby. So if you was planning on getting a prim baby, or giving a little brother to the one you have, take a look at this incredible offer.

Just on the SL Marketplace

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Prim Hair PS Files

As promised a long time ago (sorry about that), here you can download the original prim hair texture files to edit them and customize them in any way you want.

Just save the file as PNG or TIFF with alpha mask and upload your creation to SL.

Pony Tail

Pig Tail

The files are saved on Photoshop CS4 format but older photoshops should be able to open them.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Recovery Service changes and updates

Hi everybody. I made some important changes to the recovery service. Now the stations reports to the Tatu servers if they are online so the list of stations available are always up to date.

Hopefully this will save you a lot of time dealing with out of business clinics or on the move.

The links will teleport you directly over the recovery station in most cases where the sim doesn't have a landing point. Even then the recovery station should appear highlighted.

Speaking of moving, mine in RL is almost done. Hopefully I will be living there this weekend but I won't have internet for some time. So don't expect any big changes before that.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Sorry folks, I´m moving on RL and going on vacations and return the 20 of march. It´s an amazing time at RL but I won´t be able to help you out for some time. After this message I´m disconnecting my desktop. Hopefully I will be arround with the notebook but I won´t be able to help you on the same way.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Bundle Pack available

Thinking on new parents I have created a bundle pack with a lot of useful stuff for the first baby experience for an incredible price.

The Pack includes:

Baby Tatu Prim Baby (Transfer - Mod)
Baby Tatu HUD (copy no transf)
500 Diapers Superpack (transfer)
and feeding bottle (transfer)

Just at the marketplace for only 4500L$ and in limited quantities