Friday, September 30, 2011

Stroller progress

The stroller is coming out nicely. I´m not sure about the dinosaur theme and would like some feedback, but the textures are almost done. Some color variations to go, and a lot of scripting to make it useful and you will probably enjoy a stroller for the end of next week.

As you can see the modeling is the same from last time, but now it has all textures. Next step, is to upload all the model, sculpts and textures to SL.

Just to let you know that the stroller it´s ready. It comes with 6 colors to choose, a custome ao, a bear on the bag that acts as a toy and a diaper which works as a diaper bag. So it can fit on any avatar it comes with 6 different animations for the avatar and 6 height positions for the chair.

Oh yes, and brings it´s own car seat which you can also dress and use to carry the baby.

Sorry, no twin stroller for now.

Monday, September 12, 2011

About updates, angry parents and dirty diapers

Hello everyone

I´m very sorry that this new update process didn´t go as expected. The beta tester group was a nice idea but there is no point on having parents to beta test changes and bug fixes for months for something so changing as SL.

Is too bad I didn´t get more reviews and that beta-testers where expecting something else (free stuff?) and went away shortly. But I was looking mostly for bugs and not opinions on changes, those are also welcome but without both all the work would fail.

I know some parents are mad because the personality drops on their babies, but they must realize that these babies were designed to work with values from 0 to 100. Anything beyond that just creates power babies with no real challenge and who weren’t affected by their surroundings. Babies like that could be left unattended for days on a sim without getting sick.
I realize that some parents just like the sense of achievement of the continues growth and I promise it will still be present but in a way that it won´t affect the gameplay experience as super babies does.

About the Diaper-Gate *SIGH*, I can´t believe how this became out of proportion. It´s not that the bath doesn´t work anymore, it just cleans a little less. I could have made that the bath cleans 100% and the diapers 120% and it would have been exactly the same. The diapers existed from day 1 as a way to support the development of the baby but even then I gave the option of a bath set. That option still exists.

Some parents has accused me of just making this change just to get lindens. They should remember that things as diapers and med kits makes possible to deliver new free updates and features. If it wasn´t for those, you wouldn´t get any free updates, but you would have to buy every half a year a new baby and start over.

Also I have to maintain an external database for all the babies, you wouldn´t be able to recover lost babies and Second Life prove to be unreliable when storing baby´s personality and other data. And I can tell you that diapers, and med kits doesn´t even pay this last one, but at least it helps.

Diapers and med kits existed with a price, not to make a profit out of it, but to give the parents a sense of responsibility. That helps creating the bond between the parent and the baby so it can become something more than a doll.

All these changes were made just to make the babies a little more realistic. And even when buying food has become basic for chickens, horses, rabbits, etc. I´m always kind enough to leave a back door open.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2.10 Update – Equilibrium

Thanks to the achievements and other statistics created since the 2.09 version, was possible to create a whole new baby experience. Mass parenting will be greatly limited, and even punished. As you can see it brings a lot of changes and all parents should make it.

Before this update the caring of the baby was greatly now brainer, keep everything up and the baby will grow. Now the center of attention is in the balance of what the baby needs. If for example, the baby is feed when he doesn’t have hunger, this will act negatively on his personality, and the baby´s growth.

The take to inventory button has been renamed to SAVE to explain better what it does.

You can now only feed the baby if you are wearing him. At least this will be true until the feeding chair is release.

A “HIDE DIAPER” button is added at the clothes menu, this will enable parents to hide the diaper under the clothes, but it will be actually there so it will prevent stealing other peoples diapers during baby parties.

Fixable baby position, now the position corrections of all poses are stored, so no matter the shape of your avi, you can correct the deviation for a natural look, and the position will be recalled on each baby animation. This way you don’t have to correct the position everytime you change the animation.

Bath change: Now the bath works by steps but is unable to reach a 100% hygiene. This is to reflect that even after a bath you need to change your baby and place a new diaper if you want to reach a 100% cleanness.

The TATU GUIDE has been rewritten. This controls the crawl and walk of the baby.

Short Sleeves: Now its possible for other builders to make short sleeves on their clothes and other clothes designs.

Illnes: Flu and other virus will populate SL, the number of virus is short and if the babies get them, it will affect the health and fun for some days till they develop antibodies (it´s not fun to be sick). Flu virus is a random event that won’t affect stage 0 babies and that can pass from one baby to another. The transmission is random and will affect more big children with low constitution. If you don’t want to roleplay the illness a medic kit should solve it.

It’s still possible to obtain personalities over 100, but it will be harder to maintain it on that way. Some parents can have a really rapid drop on the personality till they reach the balance between what the baby needs and what they give to them. Personalities over 100 are much easier to lose levels than lower ones. It can be frustrating at first but will bring equilibrium to the game. As babies with personalities over 150 where an overkill and taking away all the challenges. Thats why at the current time the current top value possible to achieve will be 120. So dont worry if you experience a sudent drop.

Hope you enjoy

If you need to update more than one baby, you need 1 disc per baby and do it one at a time. Don´t try to update more than one at the same time. This time anyone can make the update and the family list won´t be lost anymore on each update.

After making the update, rez your baby again for him to load the personality.

Don´t try to update unborn babies or they will be lost or update from other version that 2.06. If you do, you can loose the baby´s personality or need a medic kit to heal him.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Design Studio Walkthrought

Building new clothes is easy and fast with the Design Studio and is possible to share your creations with your friends or sell them.
You don’t need to design full outfits as you can design just a specific part. For example you could design just baby shoes, or shirts, neko outfits, etc. To do that the default wood texture is ignored by the Design Studio when it uploads the clothes to the baby. Still have in mind that when designing your clothes you must use all prims of that group. Not doing that will cause some errors on the baby´s clothes once you try to dress / undress him. This also means that short sleeves clothes won’t be possible.
In the case you mix up the baby´s textures you can always reset skin and clothes textures to the original ones on your´s baby´s edit options.
These diagrams will show you the correct prim groups you must complete when designing your own clothes.
The Design Studio is copy / no transfer so you can make as much clothes as you wish. Still if you wish to transfer your clothes to a friend or sell them, transfer boxes are available. Be shure to test the transfer box clothes are correct before using the “finish” option as you won’t be able to change them after that.
Both the Transfer Boxes as the Design Studio come with an automatic rename function to easily track your creations. Once your final design is saved to the transfer box, just add a nice photo to show your creation.

From 2.10 update of the baby and 1.2 of the Design Studio. There is a texture that represents the skin of the baby. Use the default wood texture as a transparent texture, and the skin will be shown on that particular prim.

This is for all of those custom creators that asked for short sleeves and other great possibilities.