Friday, January 24, 2014

Playing with advance lighting

I have been experimenting with the new ways to render objects on SL. Advance lighting makes it possible to render objects the same way as AAA game does on PS3 / Xbox but on our loved SL. Now there will be no need to "bake" how shadows and light affects the objects in SL, but it will be calculated on real time by the engine.

Advance lighting does a good job by its own on calculating the shadows on the object, but its with the use of normal maps, difuse maps and specular maps that the models really shine as the light bounces realistically from the object and textures start looking more realistic and less flat.

Little things as the hair and skin really becomes alive and the use of specular maps really gives the skin that porcelain and delicate look you expect from real babies.

It´s also possible to use this process on the design studio, but because generating and understanding normal maps and specular maps isn´t easy, I don´t expect many builders could really take good use of this feature.

Anyway expect soon an big update on the 3.0 babies to incorporate this new feature that will make the babies much more life like, at least for the users who can handle advance lighting.

And don´t forget we are in the final days of the promotion to upgrade to 3.0 with 75% discount

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Last week offer, save 75% on the upgrade

For all our loyal mothers and fathers who follow us all this time, an upgrade program is now active.

Pay just 1000L and upgrade your 2.x baby to the new 3.0 mesh version. That´s just the difference on price between both versions and a discount of 75% from the full price of the new baby.

This is a limited time promotion for the new baby and will only be possible until the 31 of January 2014. So if you are the owner of a Baby, don´t let this promotion pass.

This promotion is available at all recovery stations, just follow the steps, pay the recovery station the 1000L and recover your baby to a 3.0 version from today.

Don´t let it pass

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Purple Med Kits problems

Purple Med Kits aren´t compatible with the new 3.0 version. An updated version will be released soon to make it compatible with all babies.

In case you purchased some and wish to use them on a 3.0 baby, contact me for a replacement once the new ones are available.

Purple Med Kits make it possible to skip stages and force your baby to grow faster.


1.1 Purple Med Kits are now available to fix this error. They now are compatible with 3.0 babies and babies with prim hair.

You can get them exclusively on the SL marketplace.