Monday, August 29, 2011

Beta Testers Group

The new update will be available soon so I´m opening a new user group for anyone who want to become a beta tester for the baby. The name of the group is "Baby Tatu - Beta Testers" and is open for everyone. Please report bugs on this link or by notecards so I can release the final version to all users.

Become a beta tester and receive the new updates and new features before anyone else.
The beta testers update discs will be distributed through this group.
For being a Beta Tester ou will need to own the latest version of Baby Tatu and know how to recover your baby in case of bugs or other unknown errors.
Updates can be unstable so update at your own risk, but all help for making this baby better is greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello loving parents

Even if you don´t see me around SL I´m always working on new stuff for you. A new big update is on its way with a lot of new features, fixes and tweaking. Designers of clothes will be now able to make short sleeves. Things like mass caring as some call it, will be limited and illness will be added.

As on RL babies will be able to catch flu and develop antibodies depending on various factors. This hopefully will add new roleplay opportunities for all parents and new challenges for grown up babies.
Parents of newborns shouldn´t worry as small babies who breastfeed have very low chances of getting sick. But bigger children could get sick and spread the flu.

Also I´m finishing modeling a very modern stroller, but it will take a time till I texture it and make the necessary scripts. But I think you will like it and get some feedback.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Toy available - Randombears

 What are RandomBears? 

Randombears are a set of random color and size of teddy bears for the Baby Tatu´s. The first time you rez him it will display one of the 10 color variations available right now and more than 100 different sizes. Is a set of random collectable toys for your babies

Each box brings one random Bear, no copy/trans, of just 4 prims each.

Available colors are:
Light Brown
Dark Brown

How it works 

As other Baby Tatu’s Toys, this isn´t just a nice prim toys to decorate your baby room but a teddy bear your baby will enjoy and allow yourself to play together. It will work if you rez it near your baby, or if you wear him and also it will react to touch with different squeaks