Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Product - Diapers Superpack

Well it’s not really a new product but a lot of parents will welcome the change. I have made a diaper superpack. It’s the same price per diaper as before but some people will find it more useful as a way to load quickly more diapers to their bags.

Diaper Superpack 500

Diaper Superpack 1000

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother´s Day Special Offer

First of all, happy mother´s day for all the virtual and real mothers around the world.

As a mother’s day special gift for all the current and future virtual mothers and around, just for this weekend you can get a new baby with a 20% discount.

Just on the SL Marketplace

Recovery Service Issues

Due to some bugs it was possible to duplicate a baby registration and recover it again, because of that I suspect that some people where able to sell any number of unknown babies. That’s why from now on the recovery system will check the number of active babies and compare it with the original sales records to prevent anyone from having more active recovered babies than the ones bought.

I have been marking bought babies as originals since December but older records weren’t marked as such. So if that is your case and the recovery service just gave you this webpage, please contact me through https://my.secondlife.com/en/efimero.aker Private Message and please include all the information you have about the sale.

Please try to include the date when you bought it, if it was inworld or on the marketplace, and if possible the original baby´s Key, etc. The more information the better as it will make my work easier and faster.

I know this very uncomfortable for all the community and that in some cases it can pass a few days till you are again able to recover your baby and I´m sorry but I had no other choice.

To the other people who doesn’t fit on that description and tried to take advantage of this situation


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A small update 2.122 release

A small update but it only deals with the backend of the Tatu services and with some security issues. Nothing else to say, only the people who recover their babies will notice its 2.122, even the menu will show the old 2.11 version.

Anyway im working on a large update, so large it will probably be named 2.5 but it will take some time.