Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Get the HUD for free with your baby purchase

Now you can get the latest baby (3.10 mesh edition) and the HUD for free on this limited edition Bundle Pack.

Just a great way to start or to upgrade your baby that it will only be available on the SL Marketplace.

Get it for just 2999 L$

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Normal and Specular maps available on the Design Studio

A new version of the Design Studio is available called 1.310 that makes it compatible with the latest update of the 3.10 mesh version of the babies.

This update also affects transfer boxes and the transferbox pro version making old boxes not compatible with the latest features.

So what´s New?

This new version brings support for normal, specular and diffuse maps  bringing all the new lighting features of advance lighting.

If you don´t know what are these new materials you can check it here

Normal maps has the same effect as bump maps but are generated on another way. Luckily there are lot of applications for turning easy to comprehend and generate on photoshop grey scale bump maps to normal maps as this plugin from NVIDIA that I have been using. It should be easy to find or make any tipe of fabric bump map and turn it into a normal map to be used on SL.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

3.10 update available

The new 3.10 update is available for all parents. This new update adds support for advance lighting featuring new normal, diffuse and specular maps on skins and clothes. It also adds support for this feature to be used in conjunction with the design studio who´s update should also be delivered on a few days.

And as usual it also brings some small bug fixes here and there.

As it is such a big update it can only be delivered through the recovery of the baby.

Also to all parents of older versions of the baby remember that you are still on time to upgrade to the mesh 3.10 version on any recovery station

Friday, December 19, 2014

Some tweaks and updates on all babies

Your baby has been updated and you didn´t even realized about it.

I have been tweaking how the experience and growth its calculated on all babies to make it easier on all parents. This update affects all babies and because its on the server side you don´t need to recover or update your baby.

This should make it easier for high level parents that feel stuck in the growth and make it easier to reach the necessary amount of points for the next level to take place.

Still this update affects babies on all stages the next time you rez them.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New 3.10 update almost ready

Well after a lot of work, and also a lot of time expecting for Linden Labs to implement the advance lighting options on a script level, the new update it´s almost ready.

Initially it was going to affect just skin and hair, but I´m also implementing it for clothes and for a new version of the design studio.

The design studio update might take me some more time but expect the new 3.10 version of the baby arriving before Christmas.

Also if you don´t have the latest 3.0 mesh version remember that you are still in time to upgrade to this latest version by paying the difference.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Price drops on all babies

From today you will find all the babies with a different price. Now you can get the 3.0 mesh version starting from 2999 and the 2.5 sculpt version at 1999.

Also the Lite version also gets a price drop and can be bought for just 599.

You can find this new price at the marketplace and as well at the in world clinics.

This affect also the bundle packs and the price for upgrading from Lite versions to reflect this change making their price 2499 and 1400.

Also remember that the upgrade program is still running so you can upgrade 2.5 or Lite babies to the new 3.0 mesh version by paying the difference between babies and expect soon a new update for these babies that will enable in them advance lighting model for greater realism.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Save 75% on the upgrade

For all our loyal mothers and fathers who follow us all this time, an upgrade program is now active.

Pay just 1000L and upgrade your 2.x baby to the new 3.0 mesh version. That´s just the difference on price between both versions and a discount of 75% from the full price of the new baby.

This is a limited time promotion for the new baby and will only be possible until the 31 of December 2014. So if you are the owner of a Baby, don´t let this promotion pass.

This promotion is available at all recovery stations, just follow the steps, pay the recovery station the 1000L and recover your baby to a 3.0 version from today.

LITE versions are also upgradable.

Don´t let it pass