Friday, July 27, 2012

Purple MedKit available

A new med kit its available. This med kit doesn´t heal your baby but it instantly skips a growth stage. This is thought for parents that doesn’t have the patience or couldn’t reach the amount of points needed that week and still wants their baby to reach their next stage.

It comes on a purple color and in two flavors and it will be only available on the marketplace for now.

1 shot

And 3 shots

How to use it

To use this medkit apply it as any medkit. Rez it near the baby and go to ALIFE / HEAL. A shot will be applied changing your baby’s personality. After that take your baby to the inventory and rez it again so the new stage is loaded by all the scripts.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Toy - Balls!

Some new toys are available for the new updated baby. This time we have balls so the babies can play.

The beach ball is big and almost weightless

The rubber ball is small and solid, it falls hard but it bounces back

And the football ball, well its what you would expect for a football ball

They are all available at the marketplace and you favorite clinic


Just rez the ball near the baby for the baby to use it.

The baby needs to crawl to play with the ball but the parent can also play with the ball so smaller babies can also have a laugh with it.

The ball works within a 20m radius, if it goes outside that radius it will return to the place it was rez. This should prevent losing babies and balls.

For the baby to actually use the ball it needs to be named as "D-Minuscula - Baby ***" So if you have renamed the object by using the menu you should be safe, but if you have manually edited the objects name you will need to change it. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New 2.5 Update release

Finally after 4 months of work the new update is available.

As you should know this is a mayor update where most of the scripts are rewritten so a normal update progress isn´t possible. That’s the reason that you will have to update by recovering the baby.

Please have in mind that this has been a lot of work that I’m giving for free as a mayor update and not as a new baby so if you like it, please show me some love with your lindens.

Whats new?

Well a lot of things,
New shape for toddlers
2 more stages for a total of 10
A Tutorial mode for new parents
Baby will learn to talk under certain conditions and stages
The Guide has been rewritten so it doesn’t spam guides all over the place
Breathing animation can be disabled
It can play now with balls (coming soon)
If you don’t reach the next stage by getting the needed points you can buy the new stage (coming soon)

The potty trainer needs also to be updated for the new stages, that update disc will be delivered in a few days before any baby reaches new stages.