Friday, May 27, 2011

TOP TEN: Best Parents

This is the list of the best parents. The amount of growth points of each baby is updated each week on the growth cycle. You can also check this weeks top parents.

All time best parents

This week best parents


To enable the HUD, on your baby´s menu go to edit / HUD. This must be done on each baby and if the baby is reseted or you think the HUD isn´t receiving the information of your baby.

The Baby Tatu´s HUD Works on the entire sim so you don’t need to be near the baby for the HUD to work. You can even use it on your partners baby.

You can only listen to one baby at a time but you can change at any time the baby to follow by touching the baby´s name. It´s also possible to wear multiple HUDs to show all babies at once.

The pick up button will only appear if you are the owner of the baby and you aren’t wearing him already. Touching this button will attach your baby from any location on the entire Sim. If the baby doesn´t have attach permission from the owner this operation will fail.

If the baby fails to update the information on the HUD a warning will appear letting you know that the information shown on the HUD could be misleading.

Lost Babies Recovery

From version 2.0 it will be possible to recover your lost baby from inventory problems, stolen babies, broken scripts, etc. Still have in mind that this is a last resort measure but from version 2.06 is possible to recover all the baby´s information.

At the first rez you will get a product Key, save it well on a notecard as it will be the key you will need to give to the recovery machine to get your baby back. All babies have a different key so, in the case you have more than one, save them both. Only the original owner of the baby (the one that rez him first) will be allowed to recover a baby. So new fathers should decide who will be as it will be the rightful father in the case of a partnership split.

Babies will still be transfer so anyone can enjoy it, but for security measures only family members and registered Baby Tatu Doctors will be able to handle them. DO NOT TRANSFER YOUR BABY TO NON FAMILY MEMBERS Not doing this will activate the recovery features.

How do I recover my baby?

Visit any of the clinics with recovery machine and ask for their help. Once in front of the machine touch it and follow the instructions. Once the product key is asked, tell it on open channel and let the machine do the rest.

A folder will be given to you with the recovered baby with the latest version. As soon as you rez him it will be given to you the option to start over or recover his old personality. WAIT UNTIL THE BABY REGISTER ITSELF BEFORE CHOOSING EITHER OF THE OPTIONS Use recover and paste the same old key to recover the old personality.

From 2.06 babies family members are recovered so you dont need to add avatars again, but it will shure wont hurt to check.

If you don´t remember the key of your baby choose the list option for a list of all babies registered to you and choose the one you desire.

Recovering and upgrading LITE versions

Lite versions are cheaper, on the budget babies but with various limitations and can´t be recovered , still all the baby information is stored on the Baby Tatu´s servers. By paying certain amount to any recovery machine, an upgraded full version will be delivered.

To do this, try to recover a LITE version and pay the amount asked when told.

Errors messages

Error  101 - The baby´s key you are using isn´t the correct one. If you don´t remember the key use the LIST function to list all the babies registered to you.

Error  102 - You already recovered a baby today, you need to wait till tomorrow for recovering again. The recovery machine is a last measure for fixing babies, its not a way for healing or reseting the personality for free.

Error  105 - Possibly a duplicate baby or problem with your account baby´s information. Please read 

Error  106 - You are trying to recover a LITE version of the baby, LITE versions can´t be recovered without paying an upgrade to a full version

Error  106 - Right now its impossible to upgrade a LITE version to a 3.0 version. You might upgrade it first to 2.5 and next day to 3.0 if you wish to by paying both separate updates.

Error  150 - The upgrade promotion is over so it´s impossible to change the version of your baby right now. Keep in touch reading all Baby Tatu news as it might return in the near future for a short period of time.

Error  404 - The server is out of reach. Try again in a few minutes or next day.

Error  499 - Unnable to connect to server, the server itself could be down or in maintenance. Try again in a few minutes or next day.

Error  500 - The server is experiencing some problems. Try again in a few minutes or next day.

Friday, May 20, 2011

2.07 and HUD Update

A new update is finish. It adds some improvements to the Baby / HUD integration plus fixes a french language bug. It also adds the ability to pick the babies from the ground using the HUD. This was a request from various mothers who´s babies like to get lost arround the sim.

I promise to upload soon the instructions for the HUD to this blog.


If you need to update more than one baby, you need 1 disc per baby and do it one at a time. Don´t try to update more than one at the same time. This time anyone can make the update and the family list won´t be lost anymore on each update.

After making the update, rez your baby again for him to load the personality.

Don´t try to update unborn babies or they will be lost or update from other version that 2.06. If you do you can loose the baby´s personality or need a medic kit to heal him.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Killing some bugs

After tracking the problem I was able to solve the issue that prevented some babies to grow each week. It was server side so you won´t need any update on your babies and they should grow on next rez. Also i´m solving some issues with french language and some other minor bugfixes so expect a 2.07 update really soon.

As you should know the HUD is already on sale and I will prepare a video to show all functions on him.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Almost done

Finally the HUD is finish
Probably tomorrow it will be available at the marketplace and i promise some videos to see it in action