Thursday, January 8, 2015

Normal and Specular maps available on the Design Studio

A new version of the Design Studio is available called 1.310 that makes it compatible with the latest update of the 3.10 mesh version of the babies.

This update also affects transfer boxes and the transferbox pro version making old boxes not compatible with the latest features.

So what´s New?

This new version brings support for normal, specular and diffuse maps  bringing all the new lighting features of advance lighting.

If you don´t know what are these new materials you can check it here

Normal maps has the same effect as bump maps but are generated on another way. Luckily there are lot of applications for turning easy to comprehend and generate on photoshop grey scale bump maps to normal maps as this plugin from NVIDIA that I have been using. It should be easy to find or make any tipe of fabric bump map and turn it into a normal map to be used on SL.