Thursday, July 18, 2013

LITE Babies

LITE Babies bring the Tatu experience at a budget price. For all the mothers and fathers what want to expand the family or just never knew quality prim babies because thought they were too expensive, the LITE version of the baby Tatu is for you.

It’s a cheap way to enter the Tatu World and upgrade when needed. Even if you choose to choose to upgrade later, the price of the update is the difference between the LITE and the FULL version.

LITE babies will be available at the marketplace and retail clinics, all over the grid for 900L.

What’s the difference with the full version?

The LITE version brings the same full experience of Baby Tatu for a fraction of the price but with some limitations.

Those limitations and differences are:

  • LITE versions can’t grow from stage 0, even with the purple medic kit. So he will stay always as a newborn but never grown to a toddler, learn to crawl or walk. 
  • LITE versions aren’t transferable to other avatars. 
  • LITE versions will always have “Lite” as a last name to differentiate them. 
  • LITE versions can’t be recovered. 
  • LITE versions can’t use objects limited by the stage of the baby, as the potty trainer, which are for other levels 
  • LITE versions still saves their personality in the cloud, so if you choose to upgrade to a full version you can continue from where you left with the same personality on your baby. 
Once you reach the necessary amount of points to reach level 1, a message will be displayed to let you know you can upgrade your baby to continue from the next level.

LITE Babies are still compatible with all clothes, skins and prim hairs.


Even if you lost your LITE baby, you can choose to upgrade to a full version of Baby Tatu at any point. If you have reached the necessary points for another level, your progress won’t be lost and you will be able to download the baby at that next stage.

For upgrading a baby just go to any Recovery Station on any retail Tatu Clinic and choose to recover your baby.

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