Thursday, December 12, 2013

A new baby it's with us, and its a mesh one!

The new Baby Tatu uses a combination of Mesh and sculpts to maintain a low prim number, keep backwards compatibility of clothes and skins and at the same time deliver an amazing level of detail over the same level of gameplay that Baby Tatu is known for.

With a prim count of 33, because of meshs it has a land impact of 58 but because it uses new pathfinder features, while crawling the land impact if of just 15 prims. Still have in mind that while the baby is on poseballs or not able to crawl, the land impact can be big.

Still if you are running low on prims, the 2.5 version might be a better fit for you with 31 prims and a lower price.

Pathfinder features give them a new and lifelike ability to navigate their surroundings and express their personality. Now the baby doesn´t just follow, but now explores, play and hide himself.

Play hide and seek with your baby around the house or watch him recognize his favorite toys.

The new features

  • Mesh baby version with amazing level of detail
  • Backward compatibility with clothes and old skins
  • New skins and hair to enable more combinations of styles and greater level of detail
  • Hair, eyelashes, eyebrows are keep as separate textures to enable more combinations of styles
  • Pathfinder feature for a more intelligent recognition of the terrain

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  1. do we get a disc to update or do you upgrade our old version or must we buy this anew?

  2. This is a new baby, not an update. The 2 will be available at the same time and depending on your budget, your viewer, or your prims available, you might decide by one or the other one.