Friday, April 19, 2013

Recovery Service changes and updates

Hi everybody. I made some important changes to the recovery service. Now the stations reports to the Tatu servers if they are online so the list of stations available are always up to date.

Hopefully this will save you a lot of time dealing with out of business clinics or on the move.

The links will teleport you directly over the recovery station in most cases where the sim doesn't have a landing point. Even then the recovery station should appear highlighted.

Speaking of moving, mine in RL is almost done. Hopefully I will be living there this weekend but I won't have internet for some time. So don't expect any big changes before that.


  1. my baby dissapear from my hands so i used recovery i get new one but with another hairs and skin... how i get back that too?? Lucia Omizu.. in world

  2. you will need to apply again the skin and hair

  3. hoping to find missing baby of a week--don't have a key-never had-EFI I hope u get back to me