Thursday, December 20, 2012

Updates on the hair design

I can finally say that the scripting it´s almost done. So expect the new hair designs to be available before Christmas. Also I also made a second hair design you can choose.

The hair will come with 8 hair textures plus will be compatible with the design studio and I will make available the photoshop files. That way anyone can customise the baby´s hair in anyway he wants and make it available for all.

As the hair is a prim you have to add to the baby, it will come in two flavour: copy/no trans or trans/no copy. I can´t give you the price right now of each one but because of recovery the hair will be gone so it must be applied again. This means that in some cases you must buy the hair again.

On the other hand if you have a copy/no trans hair, you wont have this problem but you wont be able to transfer the baby to your partner with the hair.

Its not a perfect solution but by giving both options anyone can choose the solution that better fits to their case.

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