Thursday, June 28, 2012

WIP - New 2.5 Update

The new update has proven to be a lot harder than what I expected. As I told before on the group this is going to be a very big update where most of the scripts are rewritten but not with a lot of new features on the client side. Most of the updates will be cosmetic, by this I mean that the shape of the baby will change while it grows on the different stages, but believe only this is enough work.

Right now the shape of the baby is correct for a newborn but the proportions of the body parts should change when it’s reaching a toddler size. Personally I never liked the shape of other know baby builder because the proportions where of an adult human being and not of a baby, but when I made these babies grow I committed the same mistake by keeping the proportions.

I will still be using the same sculpts so all skins and clothes will still be compatible, only the proportion of the baby will change, but this means all the animations have to be rewritten from scratch.

The good news is that with the update I will make available a total of 10 stages to reach so babies can continue developing and I promise some surprises.

This is just a work in progress and for now there isn´t a release date, I´m leaving you a photo with the new shape that will be used on the high level stages. As you can notice the baby itself has a thinner and smaller head. But still the head, hands and feet are bigger than an adult shape, making it closer to what you can expect from a one year old toddler.


As you can see I have been making changes on the webpage to reflect the new baby´s manual that will work with the tutorial mode I´m including on the baby. On the good news the update its coming as planed and probably tomorrow I will make available some beta testers versions for some users to debug. This also means that if everything goes ok it will be available near the 12 of July.

Its going to be a free update but if you appreciate all the work I have put on them you can show me some love and donate some lindens. Also as most of the scripts have been rewritten, and to avoid problems during the update process, the only way to update will be to recover the baby.


  1. woot Efi is the hardest working builder in sl !!!!!!!!!!!! Go Baby Tatu!!!!!!!! Can you in the furture start designing prim hair !!!!i want pony talks for my lil girl mabey even a mohawk for the lil guys

  2. I am super excited about this update!!

  3. I'm super excited for this update as well. I cannot wait! I agree with Jae, I think some different hair styles would be nice. Keep up the great work Efi!

  4. I know there are plenty of builders who toil diligently, but I don't know ANYONE who strives so consistently to enhance the PATRONS experience! I'd like to publicly commend Efi for that. His efforts have always seemed to me, to be directed specifically toward improving the quality and content of our familial interactions. Thanks, mate! You DO have a genuinely appreciative community!

    As an afterthought, Ef, maybe starting a "suggestions" topic here would be useful for all. It'd be a way to store potential future ideas, as well as your constituents to continue to stay involved and embrace the continued evolution of our babies. =} *Peace*

  5. Efi this baby is so great and you are such a fantastic builder and I admire you're work I also agree maybe in the future you could make some prim hair:)