Monday, January 23, 2012

2.12 Update - Growing up


A new update is available for all parents with 2.x version.

First and most important adds support for the potty trainer that enables the bigger babies to lose the diapers.
It also includes a list of bugfixes which includes:

The burp sound its back
The diaper now hides the skirt
After you press save the baby will stay there (not crawling) till you pick him up.
Should fix some bugs on the high chair that sometimes reported that the baby wasn´t big enough.
Reports the correct number when a level is lost (before it was always reported the constitution)
And probably something else I’m forgetting.


If you need to update more than one baby, you need 1 disc per baby and do it one at a time. Don´t try to update more than one at the same time. This time anyone can make the update and the family list won´t be lost anymore on each update.

After making the update, rez your baby again (without saving the personality) for him to load all data again.

Don´t try to update unborn babies or they will be lost or update from other version that 2.06. If you do, you can lose the baby´s personality or need a medic kit to heal him.

Sometimes the update program can’t handle with all the requests. If the process stops at some point without reaching 100%, press "update" again.

If this is too hard, you can also get the latest version by recovering your baby or ask for help at your favorite clinic.


  1. I have updated as advised but now my baby's stats for hungry, fun etc stay at 0. When I get the fun to rise to 100 because the others will not rise they stay at 0 and put my baby into my inventory once I wear her again her stats are then all 0, so she is not holding her information. At first she was broken because her hands and head and ears were hanging in the air, now her stats are not saving. I try to feed her with a bottle and she is in the right position but then she spins and lays the wrong way, I am not wearing an AO to cause any trouble either. Please help me.

  2. Update.....I recovered her but her stats for hungry etc stayed at 0 still, so I had to use a green med kit on her and now her stats are correct again. Did not know I would have to do that for the update.

  3. From what you are descriving you saved the personality after the updare. When actually what you have to do is re rez the baby without saving. If you save the personality after the update you can overwrite the health and even the personality and loose all progress.

  4. Ola Depois da Atualização meu bebe a contituition dele almenta eu salvo sempre antes de desanexar o bebe e quando visto novamente a contituition dele volta ao q estava antes de atualizar ele n evolui em nada não sei mais oq fazer ja curei o bebe mais ate agora nada :/
    Meu nome é piimentiinha resident

  5. No I did not save. I rezz the baby on the ground, use the update disc then picked up the baby. Then rezzed her on the floor again as I was told by the chat window. I then went to feed up etc before I saved.

  6. Ok, stupid question:
    Where do I get the update disc??

  7. Its directly delivered once you rez the baby