Friday, September 30, 2011

Stroller progress

The stroller is coming out nicely. I´m not sure about the dinosaur theme and would like some feedback, but the textures are almost done. Some color variations to go, and a lot of scripting to make it useful and you will probably enjoy a stroller for the end of next week.

As you can see the modeling is the same from last time, but now it has all textures. Next step, is to upload all the model, sculpts and textures to SL.

Just to let you know that the stroller it´s ready. It comes with 6 colors to choose, a custome ao, a bear on the bag that acts as a toy and a diaper which works as a diaper bag. So it can fit on any avatar it comes with 6 different animations for the avatar and 6 height positions for the chair.

Oh yes, and brings it´s own car seat which you can also dress and use to carry the baby.

Sorry, no twin stroller for now.


  1. maybe instead of having a dinosaur theme you could have something like the beds. when you click it the texture changes so mommys and daddys can choose what the inside looks like?

  2. That's all well and good, but where are the feeding chairs?

  3. Well I took away the dinosaur theme but made 6 different tone designs of the whole stroller. What is giving me a headache is the AO of the stroller but it’s almost done, and with enough variations to accommodate any shape of avatar. It´s taking me more time that what I intended but it will be ready soon. An update will be also available for the baby, will fix some issues, take away the limit of 120 and accommodate some changes needed for the stroller.

    Sorry, no high chairs for now.

  4. I see that the update will allow us to feed more than one baby again, so that kinda negates the need for the high-chairs, anyway. My biggest concern was having to pick up one baby, feed him, take him into inventory, and rez him, only to have his hunger back where it started. And then repeat for the next baby, since there was no option to save baby while in your arms.

  5. Re: the 2.11 update:

    Against my own self-interest, I decided to use the update disc on one of my babies, because the last time, it was mostly new moms who didn't know what they were doing. So far this is what I found:

    1. I clicked update, and never received a message that the update was complete. After waiting over 5 minutes, I checked my baby's status. All the stats were at 0. Soon after, his health dropped to -10. As I searched for my healing kit, it dropped to -20.

    2. The baby's health improved, but his fun took a very long time to get from 30 to 100. It took 3-4 minutes of constantly tooting the train and the random bear, while holding the rattle, to get him to 100 fun.

    3. After getting his fun up to 100, it went down much more quickly than usual. I do not know if this was intentional on your part in order to get us to use the rattles again. I can only tell you waht I see.

    4. Tiredness also increased drastically. From the time it took for my Stage 4 baby's hunger to get from 50 to 0, his tiredness went from 0 to 39. This was not the case before.

    5. HOWEVER, I was able to feed him with my bottle while he was on the floor.

    6. I remember you saying that for all updates (after 2.10), we would not have to re-add our family members. However, my family list was erased with the update.

  6. BTW, my baby went from stage 4 to stage 0, which explains most of the above stuff. But I have one very important question: how are we supposed to test the stroller support when the strollers aren't out yet?

  7. Hi Minerva

    Yes, this update will not tell you when is complete, you will just see that you don´t get any new message. After the update you need to re rez the baby so it loads all the personality from the database or it will show dead and with all stats in 0. If you apply a med kit it will create a new personality, the same goes to the family list.

    This is because sometimes SL doesn´t do the updates on a linear way, so the files aren´t updated in the way that they should and you need to restart the baby by rezing him again.

    Now with this update you should have no problem to save while wearing the baby, I took the need to wear the baby for now as some parents have too much babies and can´t deal with them. Still this also means that you can get negative points for force feeding a baby that you are not checking closely, so even if it makes it easier it´s still a lot of work for mass feeders on high levels

    I have been testing the strollers with the help of some clinic owners. I have them ready but Im having a busy weekend so I don’t think I will be able to launch them till Monday, with the necessary update.

    And yes, the rest of things you noticed is because you are playing with a baby with a different personality.

  8. OK, now the baby sends out a script error saying it can't find the tatu guide. This appears upon rezzing him to the ground, and also whenever I check his status while on the ground. And he also sits up and looks around while sleeping (with the zzz's coming out and his status saying "sleeping").

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