Monday, August 29, 2011

Beta Testers Group

The new update will be available soon so I´m opening a new user group for anyone who want to become a beta tester for the baby. The name of the group is "Baby Tatu - Beta Testers" and is open for everyone. Please report bugs on this link or by notecards so I can release the final version to all users.

Become a beta tester and receive the new updates and new features before anyone else.
The beta testers update discs will be distributed through this group.
For being a Beta Tester ou will need to own the latest version of Baby Tatu and know how to recover your baby in case of bugs or other unknown errors.
Updates can be unstable so update at your own risk, but all help for making this baby better is greatly appreciated.


  1. As this is a beta test a lot of things can go wrong so i will explain here how to store your baby´s personality before the beta update.
    The personality should be safe as the information is stored outside SL but this update brings a lot of changes and tweaking of the A-Life module that must be tested by various users.

    Creating a save point to recover:

    You all have a registration key, that key is actually a personality save point that changes everytime you recover the baby and can be used to recover older personalities of your baby as many times as you wish.

    That’s why you need to recover the baby and personality, even if its fine, before a beta update.
    On the recovery you will be given a new key, but if things goes wrong and the personality or progress is lost during the beta update. Recover the baby using the original key before the updates.

  2. For more than one baby you will need more than one update disc. For now try the update with only one baby.

  3. OK, the bathtub. I've had the habit of putting my babies in the bathtub, to save money on diapers. Now, I notice that unless I put diapers on my beta baby, his depositions stay around 25, even if the tub says the baby is clean. Is this supposed to happen? Is this a way to get us all to buy diapers? Because if I have to go to a playgroup with a diaper bag, I'll go through it in about 15 minutes flat!

  4. Yes, its all about realism.
    You can´t dress again your baby with the same diaper. He will be cleaner, but not 100% clean.

  5. If it's about realism, the baby should be clean after taking a bath. But no, the baby's depositions shoot up to 25 after a bath. How real is it for a baby to get DIRTIER after a bath?

  6. Changes on the beta aren´t final.
    Plus is logical to the baby not to be 100% clean if you place again the same old diaper. It could also be that the baby is wet.

  7. OK, then are you going to make us a towel? Disposable diapers didn't always exist; mothers used to have to re-wash and reuse cloth ones.

    And I still don't understand what you mean about "same old diaper," as it's impossible to place an old diaper on a baby. Once you take the diaper off, you can only put on a new one from the box.

  8. Well the problem with the diapers is that you cant have them on your baby cause of the outfits..the diapers take off the skirts and go over pants outfits.