Monday, July 11, 2011

New Nursery Set available

A new nursery is available for all Babies fully sculted to use the less possible prims of your land

This Sets includes: 
Baby Crib
Baby Rocker
Changing Table
Rocking Chair

All fully scripted and with 36 texture variatons to choose from. 6 material textures + 6 fabrics.
Cribs can be used to change the whole set texture by the included menu.
Cribs includes hibernation support.
Included baby poseballs
Touch the duck to activate the toy
Rocker Chair and rocking crib has its own smooth animation
Because the playpen is sculped, the boundaries won´t work to stop a crawling baby, that’s why it rez 2 more prims to work as invisible boundaries.

You can also change the textures manually through channel 10 or using the menu on the cribs:

Just type for materials:
/10 Oak
/10 Chocolate
/10 White Whipped
/10 Pine
/10 Pale Wood
/10 Cherry

And for fabrics:
/10 Jean Pokadot
/10 Neapolitan
/10 Mod Blocks
/10 Pink Damask
/10 Lavender Dream
/10 Numbers

You can buy the full pack on a special price or the crib, rocker or playpen as separate items.

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