Thursday, October 14, 2010

Missing Children

Yesterday a lot of babies where lost, telling parents that they were kidnapped and babies couldn´t be recovered. Luckly everything is working right now and all babies can be recovered with their respective Registration Key .

The problem was SL related during the rolling restart of the new servers which cause problems on the scripts on the baby. Even thought it was traumatic for some parents, 2.0 brings the recovery service exactly for cases when SL doesn’t behave correctly.

For those of you who don´t remember the registration key I will try to add a search option on blog this week. Please have in mind that I’m not the one doing that programming so it can take some time.

I´m sorry for those who lost all progress, but is better than having to pay for a new baby. And please always remember to check Grid Status.


  1. yes blame it on sl typical

  2. Thanks for the clarification. It only remains for us to have patience.
    I'm sure as always you will do your best and as soon as possible.

  3. Soforeal716 I understand that this incident may cause some disgust on you, but before you reject the words he said, it would be prudent if you can support your own words.
    Take it easy...

  4. can someone give me assistance.. when i first updated bubs the key would not work Efi gave me one after recovering bubs and then again the upgrade destroyed again, the key code is invalid again. i do know that there is many people who are working and fixing problems. even though with the sl roll overs I still can not retrieve my baby, the baby was not sick stats were fine I dont live on a laggy sim. i have sent few note cards and not one has been replied too..

  5. I'm just happy to know that I'm getting my baby back and that you stayed (didn't pack your bags and run)!LMAO

  6. I'm just glad I got the three babies I purchased BACK, but the older version baby I adopted and updated for 900L is still half dots and half deformed and the machines telling me that the key is NOT the right key that you said WAS the right key,,,Efimero HELP!!! pls this baby wasnt cheap I adopted. but I still upgraded him, 900L worth.