Monday, September 5, 2011

Design Studio Walkthrought

Building new clothes is easy and fast with the Design Studio and is possible to share your creations with your friends or sell them.
You don’t need to design full outfits as you can design just a specific part. For example you could design just baby shoes, or shirts, neko outfits, etc. To do that the default wood texture is ignored by the Design Studio when it uploads the clothes to the baby. Still have in mind that when designing your clothes you must use all prims of that group. Not doing that will cause some errors on the baby´s clothes once you try to dress / undress him. This also means that short sleeves clothes won’t be possible.
In the case you mix up the baby´s textures you can always reset skin and clothes textures to the original ones on your´s baby´s edit options.
These diagrams will show you the correct prim groups you must complete when designing your own clothes.
The Design Studio is copy / no transfer so you can make as much clothes as you wish. Still if you wish to transfer your clothes to a friend or sell them, transfer boxes are available. Be shure to test the transfer box clothes are correct before using the “finish” option as you won’t be able to change them after that.
Both the Transfer Boxes as the Design Studio come with an automatic rename function to easily track your creations. Once your final design is saved to the transfer box, just add a nice photo to show your creation.

From 2.10 update of the baby and 1.2 of the Design Studio. There is a texture that represents the skin of the baby. Use the default wood texture as a transparent texture, and the skin will be shown on that particular prim.

This is for all of those custom creators that asked for short sleeves and other great possibilities.


  1. There needs to be more information as to where we get these transfer boxes and how to use them. What if we want to keep the clothes and save to our inventory for our baby to wear, how can that be done? Many more answers are needed.

  2. As the design studio is copy you can have one for every design you make. I will release today the transfer boxes and a script to sell no copy items will be delivered to you as an update.

  3. Hi .. I contacted you on SL but have not had a response ... I have a problem with the design studio, everytime I transfer mydesigns either to Transfer box (that came with the design studio)or to the baby itself .. some parts either dont transfer at all or transfer but with completely the wrong textures.

  4. I notices that the blanket does not fit right. The babys right foot sticks out. I tried adjusting the size but still did not get a good fot and the foot still hangs out of the blanket. Can you all go in and resculpt the blanket so that the right foot does not stick out of it please.
    Thanks Sadie Titian

  5. Hi Sadie

    The blanket makes invisible the arms and foots of the baby, so dont worry.

  6. I can't figure out how to use this...I just bought one the other day because I thought it'd be awesome to make my own clothes, then for 2 to 3 days (off and on) I sorted out the textures I wanted to use for a specific outfit and fit them on the design studio. But when I tried it out on my baby, everything wasn't placed on her where I placed it on the design studio. Why won't the textures line up on the babies the way they do on the design studio once they're set the way you want them??