Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2.02 Update

New fixes on crawling babies.

Just rez the disc and the baby on the grown next to each other, go to the baby´s edit menu and touch "Edit".

After you see the messages, count till 10
and thats all!

If you need to update more than one baby, you need 1 disc per baby and do it one at a time. Don´t try to update  more than one at the same time or you can get some errors and lose one of the baby´s personality.

Only the original owner, or a "Baby Tatu Doctor" should make the update as the family members list will be lost.

Don´t try to update unborn babies or they will be lost.


  1. this update ended up making it out like i kidnapped my baby what is up with that?? lots of people had this problem. now i have to start all over again *sigh* hope you can fix that.

  2. Sorry, that wasn´t related to the update
    but from SL / Web comunication issues during a rolling restart