Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Transfer Boxes walkthrought

To pass your creation on the Design Studio to someone else just follow this instructions on how to use your transfer boxes.

Once your clothes are ready rez a transfer box near the baby. Click on the Design Studio and choose "Transfer" and "Box". You will get some dialog about the textures beeing accepted by the transfer box.

Touch the transfer box and a menu should appear, please never open the transfer boxes.

The options are:

Name, Transfer, Erase, Finish

Touch name and tipe the new name on open chat to rename your transfer box. The object will be renamed and a text will appear over the box.

Transfer will transfer the clothes to a nearby baby so you can try them. As usual with all clothes first you must go to “edit” on the baby´s menu and choose “new clothes” before you can transfer them.
If a clothes doesn’t appear ok at first time, try to undress and dress again your baby to see if your creation is correct. This is a current bug about the order in which the baby´s information is transferred, and the baby´s changing clothes before it has all the texture repetitions information and it will be probably be fix on future versions.

Erase will lose all the current clothes in case you want to do it again.
Once your design is on the box touch Finish, after that you won´t be able to edit your clothes anymore and the box transfer the information by just touching it as skin boxes does. Now your design is ready to be sell or transferred to a friend as a gift.
Changing the box texture could be a nice idea to show your creation.

Making a vendor
This will show you how to setup a small vendor for no-copy items. A script is included with each transfer boxes pack that you can use to set one up. Just Follow this small instructions.

Create a box; this bow will be the actual vendor so you can use any design you wish to give it, doesn´t need to be a cube.

Drop all units of the same design inside the content of the box. In our case we drop 5 copies of our ugly dress inside.

Drop the vendor script inside the box “No copy item seller” is the name of the script, drop one inside.

Change the name of the box  Edit the box and name it with you dress, Example: Tatu Ugly Dress

Change the objects descriptionto  $price + description. The script places the description as a hover text and reads the price from there.

Example: $200 Ugly clothes

Don’t forget the price and the dollar sign as the script will detect that.

Touch the box to reset the script This will make the script read the description and the content inside.

Accept the Dialog A dialog will appear to ask you handle your lindens, this makes it possible for the object to return the money if there isn’t more stock or if they pay him an incorrect amount of lindens.
That’s all

You vendor will show the description and the number of units being sold, in case it runs out of stock it will send you a message and won´t accept any other sale.

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