Monday, September 13, 2010

Transfer Boxes already available

The Design Studio´s Transfer Boxes are already available at clinics and Xstreet. Comes on 5 and 10 units packs and includes a simple script to set up a vendor for no-copy items.

Just drop all copies of the product and the script inside a prim which will be your vendor and add a nice photo of your dress to the box texture to show your product
The objects price is read from the object's description and placed as a hovertext.
You can set the description on the GENERAL TAB just like the Object Name.

Example: $300 party dress

The script will read the price from the description so long as you have it in the format above. Remember you must put "price$ info". The dollar sign must be in there for the script to work.

If the vendor runs out of stock it will send you a message and not allow any other sell

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