Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mother´s Day promotion

As a mother´s day promotion, the upgrade program will be back for one last time. From the 1st of May till mother´s day (12 of May), if you are the prow owner of a Baby Tatu, you can upgrade it to the latest 3.0 version and save 75%  from the full price of the new baby.

Pay just 1000L and upgrade your 2.x baby to the new 3.0 mesh version. That´s just the difference on price between both versions.

This is a limited time promotion for the new baby and will only be possible until the 12 of May 2014. So if you are the owner of a Baby, don´t let this promotion pass.

This promotion is available at all recovery stations, just follow the steps, pay the recovery station the 1000L and recover your baby to a 3.0 version from today.

Don´t let it pass

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