Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lost Babies search engine

I made some small changes to the Key reminder. Nothing too big, but now its more integrated with the rest of the webpage. Now it shows more information and on a more clear and nicer way.

Also I found a bug on the car seat carrier, please don’t try to change the animation under edit because it will stop working, that part of the menu was intended just for the stroller and will result on an error. This will be fix on a future update but you can fix yours by reseting the object.

I will also would like to advice to anyone buying a second hand Tatu, that even if the baby is transfer the ownership isn´t. This means you are probably being scammed and your baby could disappear on a few days once the real owner recovers him. So please, only get your babies from the marketplace or one of the official vendor or I won´t be able to give you any kind of support if you run into trouble

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