Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby´s High Chair

Finally, the first mesh product for the babies is ready, and I´m very happy with the result. As always you can find your copy on the marketplace or the clinic of your choice.

I really hope you enjoy it

About this High Chair
This High chair is build with the new mesh system; to view the object correctly you will need a mesh compatible viewer and its meant to feed grown up Tatu Babies with solid food.

To feed the baby, baby should be sitting on the baby poseball and then the parent should sit on the chair also to start the feeding animation. A spoon will be given by the object for you to wear.

The baby should be at least at stage 3 so he can eat solid food, it won’t work on smaller babies.

During feeding babies could play with the food and spill it all over the place.

With "/1 show" and "/1 hide" you can show/hide the baby poseball


  1. My Sophia is Stage SIX, and I get the following message:
    [09:09] D-Minuscula - Baby Tatu High Chair: Sorry, your baby is still too small to eat solids

    What gives?

  2. Is the baby on the poseball? You could get that message if the baby isn´t on the poseball because is that action that tells the age of the baby

  3. Yes, Efi, I put the baby on the poseball. Multiple times. And by the comments in the tatu chat group, I'm not the only one with this issue.

  4. This is one of the baby high chairs .I am really surprised to see this .

  5. I like this baby seat too much. Few days back I have bought baby chair online and my 1 year baby enjoy this.