Monday, September 12, 2011

About updates, angry parents and dirty diapers

Hello everyone

I´m very sorry that this new update process didn´t go as expected. The beta tester group was a nice idea but there is no point on having parents to beta test changes and bug fixes for months for something so changing as SL.

Is too bad I didn´t get more reviews and that beta-testers where expecting something else (free stuff?) and went away shortly. But I was looking mostly for bugs and not opinions on changes, those are also welcome but without both all the work would fail.

I know some parents are mad because the personality drops on their babies, but they must realize that these babies were designed to work with values from 0 to 100. Anything beyond that just creates power babies with no real challenge and who weren’t affected by their surroundings. Babies like that could be left unattended for days on a sim without getting sick.
I realize that some parents just like the sense of achievement of the continues growth and I promise it will still be present but in a way that it won´t affect the gameplay experience as super babies does.

About the Diaper-Gate *SIGH*, I can´t believe how this became out of proportion. It´s not that the bath doesn´t work anymore, it just cleans a little less. I could have made that the bath cleans 100% and the diapers 120% and it would have been exactly the same. The diapers existed from day 1 as a way to support the development of the baby but even then I gave the option of a bath set. That option still exists.

Some parents has accused me of just making this change just to get lindens. They should remember that things as diapers and med kits makes possible to deliver new free updates and features. If it wasn´t for those, you wouldn´t get any free updates, but you would have to buy every half a year a new baby and start over.

Also I have to maintain an external database for all the babies, you wouldn´t be able to recover lost babies and Second Life prove to be unreliable when storing baby´s personality and other data. And I can tell you that diapers, and med kits doesn´t even pay this last one, but at least it helps.

Diapers and med kits existed with a price, not to make a profit out of it, but to give the parents a sense of responsibility. That helps creating the bond between the parent and the baby so it can become something more than a doll.

All these changes were made just to make the babies a little more realistic. And even when buying food has become basic for chickens, horses, rabbits, etc. I´m always kind enough to leave a back door open.


  1. The thing about beta, is that we testers couldn't tell the difference between the bugs and the intended changes. So many of us were disturbed by what we saw, and recovered our babies. Perhaps we were irresponsible in thinking that someone else would surely stick it out and find the bugs for you.

    But remember, you had us experiment on our own babies, which we put hard work and care and love into. Perhaps for next beta you should consider a temporary baby that disappears after the testing period is over?

    You'll always have complainers, especially when there is change, because humans as a whole are afraid of the unknown. We'll either get over it or stop using your product. That's life, both first and second.

  2. so basically what you are saying is our babies personality will go down to 0 and then work back up to 100 after that? it doesnt seem very fair to the mommies who have had their babies for months now and have worked so hard on their babies. when i updated mine he wouldnt eat or anything, in the end made me feel like i was doing something wrong like i was a bad mother or something because all i see is whoops... a lot of us take these babies serious and do get upset with that stuff. maybe you can think of a different way for it not to be seen as super babies so mommies do not get upset?

  3. Not at all. It means that with this version the top personality will be 120. Anything over 120 will go down to 120, thats hardly 0.

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