Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Design Studio - Transfer Boxes PRO

A new Transfer Box is available and this time we go PRO.

Some designers have complain that the need of dealing with each unit at a time of a given product was a big cumber stone while handling a lot of clothes and that it made it impossible to sell them on the marketplace.

The solution was to make a transferbox with copy and transfer permissions but that would mean that the price should be so high that it will turn away most designers and that it would take a lot of time for the designers with high sales to have the inversion returned.

As I always preferred a micro payments system, so designers can pay exactly for what they want to use, I will be using a similar approach for enabling this copy/transfer boxes.

This way the script itself it’s going to be free but once you pack it and make it available for sale, you need to pay L$500 for getting a copy/transfer version of that dress.

It might seem a lot of lindens as it cost as 10 transfer boxes right now. But I think designers will agree it’s a good deal. It means for example that if your dress is sold by L$250 you will get all your investment back on two sales.

It also means you can mix both systems and just invest on copy permissions for you on dresses you know you will have no problem selling and keeping the investments even lower by just using it where you know you will get the lindens back.

It will also be possible for you to sell your outfits at lower prices like just L$50 or giving them for free as a way to attract clients with freebies.

You will be able to sell them on the marketplace or use any vendor software you want and even have a sale stand not only on your shop but on other clinics by using catalogue vendors.

Remember: You need the Design Studio to use this

How To Use it 

The use itself is very similar the regular transfer boxes and you should read the Transfer Boxes walkthrought for the general instructions.

Unpack the box and place the script inside a box you created

The script will ask you for debit permissions to work which you need to accept.

If the box you created is copy / transfer the script will warn you so you don’t lose control of your product. This is just a suggestion but the script but it’s possible to create copy/transfer freebies if you wish to.

Once you click Finish it will ask you to pay a certain number to the box to finish the process and make it ready for sale. If you try to transfer it without this, the information on the script with your outfit will be lost.

If you wish to copy your outfit while rezed, remember that shift drag will reset the scripts of the copied version so your outfit will be lost. Take it to the inventory and rez as many copies as you need.

You can still use it with the no copy vendor scripts I made available if you need to, or just make the item itself sellable.

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