Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prim babies by Tatu!

Little Steps Clinic´s Blog has made an article about our babies. Its an old article but I just figure it out today.

In December of 2008 there was a revolution in SL. You see, prim babies back then were basically made of plywood. Yes, they made babies that weren’t much more than a box with a sphere on top, and you were supposed to pretend that it looked cute, cuddly, and worthy of you giving it all the childhood traumas that would make it grow up to be the next great badly adjusted adult with a desperate need for years of therapy to undo your parenting.

Then came Efimero Aker. He created these new babies, ones that went from being just a bit more interesting than a potato, to a full fledged virtual baby. A baby that no longer looked like something you buy at a furniture store, but a baby that looked like the child of Steven Tyler and Amy Winehouse.

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