Thursday, January 19, 2012

Potty Trainer release

The potty trainer it’s available. Remember that your baby must be on stage 7 to use it. As usual you can get it from the marketplace or at your favorite clinic. This also means that the new update will be available for all shortly.

About this Potty Trainer

This Potty Trainer is build with the new mesh system; to view the object correctly you will need a mesh compatible viewer and its meant to be used only with babies on stage 7 and for babies on version 2.12 or newer replacing the use of diapers.

To use the potty trainer sit the baby on the baby´s poseball and wait till his work is done. Babies need training to use the potty so don´t expect to work from start and it could need the baby to reach 100% depositions the first times. Over the uses the baby will get comfortable with the use of the potty and have his business done more quickly and on lower depositions level. This is a training for your baby so it will take some time and various tries.

You can sit your avatar on the potty trainer to have fun with your baby and encourage him in his training.

Baby poseball can be hiden/shown as normal poseball with “/1 show-hide” command

Touching the potty trainer will bring a popup menu. This menu will allow you to update the product, sit the baby or choose one of the 6 different colors available for the potty.

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