Monday, October 17, 2011

Stroller and car seat carrier release

Hello all parents!
The stroller and the carrier are already available and you can find it on the marketplace or on any of the reseller’s clinics. The come on the same pack as separate items.

I´m pretty happy with the product and I think the importation to SL was a real success. It´s fully sculpted and it doesn´t use mesh because a lot of people are still using old viewers that doesn´t support them.

Also tomorrow the new update will be available for all users.

Just remember, it goes on the R Forearm


  1. i can't figure out where to attach the stroller or do i just wear it, i keep getting script errors too and i know sl has been a pain lately so i wasn't sure if it was the stroller or the sim i was on

  2. I'm having the exact same problem and the notecard says to come to this blog for more instructions but I cant find them

  3. It is an awesome product and I use the car seat all the time.. just wish I could use the stroller. How long is usual to wait for support? :P

  4. why cant i load my diapers on the stroller