Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello loving parents

Even if you don´t see me around SL I´m always working on new stuff for you. A new big update is on its way with a lot of new features, fixes and tweaking. Designers of clothes will be now able to make short sleeves. Things like mass caring as some call it, will be limited and illness will be added.

As on RL babies will be able to catch flu and develop antibodies depending on various factors. This hopefully will add new roleplay opportunities for all parents and new challenges for grown up babies.
Parents of newborns shouldn´t worry as small babies who breastfeed have very low chances of getting sick. But bigger children could get sick and spread the flu.

Also I´m finishing modeling a very modern stroller, but it will take a time till I texture it and make the necessary scripts. But I think you will like it and get some feedback.

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  1. when will this be coming out..i desperately want a stroller for my lil one..u can im me inworld if ud like..Jaylin1987 Resident