Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Tatu Review on Gameinatrix

Gingir from Gameinatrix has done a wonderful review of the baby.

Baby Tatu Is Too Cute!

Oh yes, the baby fever hit Gingir recently. Thankfully, I now have had my booster shot to virtual babies and crazy baby daddies. On the upside in my travels and searches for the perfect virtual baby, I found the most amazing thing ever, Baby Tatu. A virtual AI baby that eats, poops, crawls, walks, cries and grows! This is the next big thing in SL babies.

I of course immediately messaged the creator to see if we here at Gameinatrix could get our hands on one of these adorable bundles of genius coding. Efimero Aker is the mind behind Baby Tatu and he was generous enough to set me up with not only Baby Tatu, but the hud, diapers, toys, clothing maker, cradle, raddle and a whole slew of BETA items not yet available in the Baby Tatu store! Oh yes, baby Ghoststar was well on it’s way to being a reality. (...)

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