Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2.08 Update - Achievements

This Update fixes problems on babies what refused to crawl or walk and Math-Errors on the Alife module. It also adds achievements and other statistics which will be available on this webpage soon. 

As you can see is a very critical update and all parents should make it.


If you need to update more than one baby, you need 1 disc per baby and do it one at a time. Don´t try to update more than one at the same time. This time anyone can make the update and the family list won´t be lost anymore on each update.

After making the update, rez your baby again for him to load the personality.

Don´t try to update unborn babies or they will be lost or update from other version that 2.06. If you do you can loose the baby´s personality or need a medic kit to heal him.


For the people that had a Math Error during the update I´m releasing a new update that should solve that. It also includes 2.08 updates so anyone can use it. If you already updated to 2.08 its not mandatory to apply this update.

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