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English FAQ - First time fathers instructions

Thanks for buying Newborn Baby Tatu.

This newborn shaped baby isn’t a regular Second Life baby which looks and behaves more like a playing doll than a baby. Baby Tatu is a virtual baby, think of it as a virtual pet or a tamagotchi with its own needs but still with a twist. Each baby is totally different and behaves in its all personal way, the Artificial Life module (A-Life) controls your baby’s personality which is created at the moment of his birth and depends of your care for growing stronger and more independent. Even if you put together a bunch of them you will notice different behaviors
This also means that your baby can get sick and you should buy him some medicine or take him to the doctor if you don’t take good care of him. Various toys, and other articles are sold separately which affect in some way your baby as also new baby’s clothes and skins to make him as personal as your own avi.
Baby Tatu can get sick and would need to buy some medicine or take him to a pediatric doctor, this isn’t a sick twist of the creator to take more lindens away but a way of giving a richer virtual experience as your actions as a father have its consequences. That’s what makes the difference between a virtual baby and a virtual doll.
In case you don’t care about the growth of your virtual baby you can find a series of cheap medic kits which will cure your baby but resetting your baby’s personality and progress or reducing your baby’s stats lightly as a consequence. It all depends of the way you decide to roleplay it.
Not allowing your baby to get sick isn’t the only goal. By taking good care of your baby in different manners, experience points are earned (XP) increasing your baby’s personality stats. Have in mind that lower stats are much easier to upgrade than higher ones, making it easy to have a healthy child but hard to reach the top levels.
Some babies can enjoy being in crowded places and the center of attention, some other could hate it, they even can sense each other and have long talks with uncertain babies consequences on their mood. When some babies are good and charismatic, other can be mean and bully.

  • Newborn Baby Tatu features:

A-Life module
Several baby and mother animations
No need to move the baby when attach, just activate an action and the baby will rotate by itself for that animation.
Interchangeable skins and clothes system, to make it as much personalize as your own avi
Name tag
Male and female changing option
Baby blanket
Self disappearing umbilical cord
Neko tail and ears
Feeding bottle
Case of 50 diapers
Free updates for life which would add new exiting features

  • Your babys needs

Baby needs are represented by particle symbols on top of his head and baby noises which are pretty self explanatory.
A feeding bottle means your baby is hunger
A spiral when he is unclean and needs a bath or diaper change
An unhappy smile shows he is bored
Zzz when he is sleeping
Hearts will show when he is feeling fun an loved or on level ups
A red cross appears when your baby’s health is more than half down
An finally a red cross with a little skull when your baby’s health bar reaches cero and becomes sick beyond normal care

This particles as the rest of your baby can be very sensible to server lag and can even don’t show up by a particle sim limit so I would suggest to be carefull, listen to your baby or changing his speed to a lower one.

  • The Menu

Touch the baby and a menu will pop up

  • Actions Menu

In this menu you can find all kind of interactions with your baby.

Put diaper / Take diaper – You’ll need to take your baby’s diaper first if you want to clean him. Its also useful if you want to try different clothes combinations with or without an on top diaper.
Wakeup – Morning call for your baby if he is asleep
Sleep – Make your baby go to sleep regardless his tiredness
Breastfeed – Just one of the ways you can feed your baby, but the most natural one. This option will disappear when your baby is old enough
Burp – Just some patting on baby’s back to make him feel better after a big meal
Play – Have fun with your baby and your baby will have fun with you
Hold – Holding your baby next to your warm heart feels comforting
Rock – Rocking your baby rocks!

All these actions affect your baby’s behavior in some way, there is no manual for these and is up to you as fathers to figure it out.

  • Clothes

Is in this menu where you can dress or undress your baby
Also you can find a neko ear and tail, neko ears can be use with the hat or by acquiring a different texture, as a full neko baby.
Different clothes of different baby outfits can be combine to create your own baby style.

  • A-Life

The heart and brain of your baby, where all the magic happens.
Heal – For healing your baby you will need to rez a medic kit near him and use this function, if your baby is sick enough a baby vaccine will be applied.
Speed – If you feel your baby too demanding, you are in a lagged server or you will leave him rez on his bed for hours, using an internal cycles lower speed could be the best solution. If you by the other hand wants a more challenging baby with the chance of making faster XP, ”Psico Mom!” is your best choice. And of course, normal will return the cycles to their normal speed.
Have in mind that baby cycles aren’t regular, so it will be impossible to guess when the next one will be.
Stats – Your baby’s self stats, these are your baby’s personality. To have high some is better than others and will be only modified when you get enough’s XP. Stats go from 0 to 100, but no baby can be born with too high or too low stats. It’s your long work what will determine this.*
Status – Here is the most direct way to check what is wrong with your baby showing values of its current status. Specially useful on lagged sims.*
XP – Experience point can be worn on every cicle and this function will show you how much points are missing for a power up of that particular stat. Every next power up will be difficult and more XP needed. Powering lower stats is way easy than the higher ones and only with a lot of dedicated motherhood you can reach the maximum 100 stats.

Depositions and Hunger are inverse variables and you would normally wont desire high values on those.
  • Help File

Will bring you to this webpage

  • Edit Menu

Update – Once you get your update disc, rez it near the baby and use this function to update its features. Scripts will be updated if needed and new features added when available.
New Clothes / New Skin – If you bought new baby’s clothes or skin first touch this button and your baby will be ready for accepting the new clothes.
Umbilical cord –By default your baby will show an umbilical cord the first week of life then it will fall off and a little black button will appear in his belly which will disappear by the 2nd week of his birth. If by any reason you find this too disgusting or want to put it back, you can override it from here.
Male / Female – Choose your baby’s sex. This will change baby’s umbilical cord clip and pacifier colour, show baby’s genitalia and ear piercing.
Name – Push this button and write your baby’s name on open channel. Baby’s name will appear on top of his head.

  • The feeding bottle

Just wear it and your baby will be feed. Watch out, he can eat more that he can take.

  • Your baby’s health

Always take a good look to your baby’s status and messages. High values on the stats will heal the baby and lower ones could hurt him in unknown ways.
There are two other ways your baby can get hurt and you should protect him from. One is leaving him in the floor and having someone or something beating him would result in your baby getting hurt. The other one is by not taking him from the inventory for long periods of time, your baby is a virtual living being and if you forget him for days without giving him any attention could result in his sickness.
Leaving the baby with a babysitter or a family friend could be a good precaution if you are planning to leave Second Life for a week or more.

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